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"ENGLAND" and "BELGIUM" delightful Guinea Pigs


July 2018

England female Mcas weblink


This shy cavy has not been handled much and is learning that being petted & picked up means good things like fresh greens! England loves her greens & has been known to make silly noises when she senses them nearby. She has lived with other guinea pigs so with proper housing & positive introductions, she may enjoy the company again.  6 mths, 2 lbs

Belgium male Mcas weblink


This handsome young male cavy is in search of new housing. Belgium is social for a guinea pig and knows that being petted & picked up mean fresh greens, which he makes silly guinea pig noises when he sees them! He may enjoy living near (but not housed with) another guinea pig.  6 mths 1.4 lbs

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