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"JERRY" and "ZEPHYR" "STANLEY" ( budgie) Parakeets

Jan 25, 2019 Happy Adoption: Stanley

"Stanley is very sassy, energetic bird who never stops talking EVER and I love that. He fills my house with beautiful chirping and gets along well with my other birds. So glad I found him at the Multnomah County Shelter!"

-Vanessa S.

ADOPTE together !!!

Aug 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Jerry (in the back) will be a great addition to an existing colony

Zephyr Mcas weblink


Zephyr is a young male Budgerigar who is social with other budgies but not not used to being handled right now. With patience and proper training, this little fellow would be a great addition to an existing flock. Adoption fee is $15 and does not include cage

Jerry Mcas weblink


Jerry is a shy handsome male Budgerigar that avoids people but really enjoyed the company of his cage mates. He and his companions came into the shelter way back in March and his friends were all adopted, so now he is all alone! He will make a great addition to an existing colony

tiga yrs 4 mths

Bridgette Birdeau ADOPTED! Aug 2018

Mcas weblink


Bridgette Birdeau here! I'm a young, beautiful female Budgerigar in search of a new home. It's obvious that I have been around people & other birds so I'll need just a little time to acclimate to a new family & flock. I enjoy admiring myself in the mirror, socializing with the other shelter birds and ringing bells!  1 yr

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