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"FRED" Adorable Smoosh Face Pup - Seeks Special Home


Sept 2018

Fred, male American Shelter Pup mix

Mcas weblink (9/14 possible adopter?)


My name is Fred and I am really happiest being where my people are. If you are seeking a relaxed and easy-going friend to keep you company, then I am the dog for you! I do have some paralysis in my hind limbs so I'm looking for a special home willing and able to follow up with a doggie neurologist and physical rehabilitation. Our adoption counselor can give you more information from my recent consult with a specialty veterinarian. Nice to meet you!

8 mths, 36 lbs (and growing)

thank you Volunteer Quimby of ResQ Animal Massage

Fred loved his massage - thank you ResQ Animal Massage

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