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"GUNNER" nice shepherd mx- plus a few


June 2018

Nice boy!  It will be satisfying to watch Gunner's skin and hair blossom with good care in a good home!

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Gunner, male shepherd mix

Mcas weblink   (6/15 possible adopter?)


Hi! Did I stop you in your tracks with my good looks? My name is Gunner! I am a 6 year 8 mths old Shepherd mix that weighs 53lbs! I am a sweet boy that walks well on leash, knows commands like sit, shake, and down, and will nuzzle into you for pets! I do have a skin condition that can be managed with quality food and medicated baths, but don't let you throw that off from meeting me! Can I be apart of your family? Ask to meet me today!

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