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"SAWYER" happy update!!

May 2018 - Happy Adoption Update Sawyer!

"Sawyer passed his drug-detection K-9 training at the top of his class, and now has the perfect job for his energy and skills! Sawyer came to our shelter in June 2017, and we knew his high energy and focus would require daily work and stimulation. After several attempted adoptions, Sawyer received the opportunity for K-9 training with our friends at Washington State Department of Corrections, and is now serving with Benton County, WA Sheriff's Office."

MCAS Facebook post May 31, 2018

"such a happy ending for just another of our great dogs. Give these dogs a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised"  Mcas volunteer

photo courtesy Benton Co, Wa Sheriff's Dept

"TRANSFERRED" to Mcas Placement partner

June/July 2017

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Mcas weblink


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