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"JUDY" grey/tan/black speckled Hound mystery mix


Sept 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Judy, american shelter dog

Mcas weblink


I'm Judy - a sweet mixed breed lady searching for a new home to call my own! I have some specific criteria for my new home: MUST love to play! I am the most playful girl - especially with tennis balls or squeaky toys. And if you try to stop before I'm ready, I will "talk" to you until you play with me some more. I'm a goofy girl who is not afraid to speak my mind and tell you what I want - make sure you don't mind a talkative pup. I can be a bit shy about having my head handled so I need a home where any children are 5 years or older. Come and meet me today!  4 yrs old, med size

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