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"HEREFORD" fun loving smart and quirky mix (border collie type, some bull terrier, and?)


June 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

"I call this goofball "Pony Boy" because he insists on standing between my legs like a horse 😂 He is a natural-born entertainer... So if you're looking for endless laughs, do yourself a favor and adopt this exuberant buffoon!"  Kelly

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My name is Hereford, like the type of cow in case you don't know. If you put me in a herd of them, you might be hard pressed to pick me out. I'm some sort of a Border Collie mix with a few other breeds thrown in. I'm about 3 years old and weigh around 62lbs. I love to play with toys and already know sit, down and shake. I have been a little nervous in the past with new people, but warm up quickly, especially if you have a toy! IS THAT A SQUEAKY TOY!? Oh my gosh, lets be best friends! I'll gladly play fetch or tug with you. Because I will need some time and space to adjust to a new home, and I can be hyper and jumpy at times (I apologize in advance for that, I am still learning my manners but I get SO excited sometimes), the shelter is recommending that any kids in my new home are 15 & up. I also need a home with no cats or smaller dogs, I do seem to have some prey drive! Ask to meet me today!  3 yrs, 62lbs

Agility? Hiking? Are you active, outdoorsy and love doing stuff with your dog?

But can still help your dog to feel safe when he is not feeling confident?

Loves to ran around with the ball, and then will toss it to you to throw it back to him.

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