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"FLINT" Cutie mystery mix ( Husky? shepherd? akita? Cattle dog?)


June 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

"Flint is a very friendly and affectionate guy when my husband is inside his kennel. Unfortunately, most people don't get to see the real Flint when they meet with him. He really does love attention, but he also wants to break out of this joint ;) When we take Flint outside, he's just too busy planning his big escape to notice the people interested in him. Flint might do better meeting potential adopters in the indoor showroom. That way he is less distracted and his true personality can emerge. Please don't overlook this sweetheart... Once he's out of the stressful shelter environment, I think he'll warm right up to his new family"  Kelly Mcas volunteer

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Flint here! I'm a handsome Akita mix guy looking for a new place to call my own. I'm smart and my favorite hobby is exploring! I am a curious, smart dog and I love to learn new things about the world around me. I would love to have a job to do or learn some new tricks to give my mind something to work on. Sometimes I can be shy about people touching my head, so I would need a home where any children are 12 or older and who can work with me slowly to help me overcome this. I am an escape artist, and I have shown to become attached to my people and have some separation anxiety when my people aren't home. It would be best for me to go to a home with a fenced in yard. Ask to meet me today! 4 yrs 56 lbs

Great mix whatever he is! Be fun to do a DNA test for Flint.

Flint asks his new adopter to please give him the needed time to settle into a new home, and give him a stable structure, so he has the chance to feel secure. I don't know how he is with other dogs (the shelter could tell you more) but if he likes them, he might benefit from the company of another dog in his new home.

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