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"VULPIX" cute little shih tzu (needs TLC)


June 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

VULPIX  female shih tzumix

Mcas weblink


My name is Vulpix and I am the dog who is always prepared for a marathon - as long as it is a movie marathon. There is nothing I love more than a cozy, warm bed and some good company. We can discuss our favorite foods while you give me pets and attention. I promise to provide you with lots of laid-back love and friendship if you save me a spot on the couch. I can be a sensitive lady, so if you have kids in the home, they will need to be over the age of lima years. I also have some medical needs, so please speak with your adoption counselor about my treatments. Can't wait to meet you!

4 yrs 12 lbs

"Please make sure this little lady is fed grain free/sugar free (not one bite!Treats can be freeze dried chicken parts) and is bathed frequently with a bit of Tea Tree Oil in the shampoo (NOT for face...Use Baby Shampoo).. Vet should have some meds to help her itch but feeding will minimize the cause... I know.. I have a little boy with skin disorder and dry eye."

~ a comment made to the photo blog

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