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"HERSHEY" "PARIS" big and small BONDED PAIR - distinquished mutt and a terrier


June 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

PARIS  female terrier mix

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Paris here (and my big brother Hershey)! I'm a sweet small mixed-breed girl searching for a new home. I can be quite timid in new situations, especially when I don't have my brother around to tell me that everything is okay. When he's around though, I'm happy and will let you pet me and tell me how pretty I am. Because of my fearfulness, I will need any children in my new home to be 8 years or older. I am bonded with my older brother HERSHEY and rely on him to help me feel safe, so we would need to go home together.  5 yrs 18 lbs

HERSHEY  male american shelter dog mix

Mcas weblink


Hershey here (and my little sister Paris!). I'm a silly mixed breed boy searching for the perfect new home. My favorite hobby is definitely eating treats! After that, well I'm quite fond of playing ball - I can even "drop it". I am a curious, smart dog and I love to learn new things about the world around me. I do not shy away from novel situations and if you can keep me mentally and physically stimulated, I will be your loving friend forever. I don't always do well when I see other dogs out-and-about. I will need to go to a home where any children are over 8 years old due to handling sensitivities. My sister Paris and I are a bonded pair and will need to go home together.  9 yr 71 lbs

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