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"THEO" adorable puppy Needs a Special Home


June 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

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Theo here! I am a rambunctious cutie patootie! I am all sorts of cute but I am looking for a very special home. I am great with other dogs, love chewing on sticks, new people are great and am great in the car. I love food and will do just about anything for it. I am a talker though and would do best in a home where I can be my vocal self. The reason that I need a special home is that I really struggle with being alone. I get very stressed when I cannot see my people. The shelter is suggesting that we get connected with a trainer right off the bat to help me work through this. I will be available for adoption on Thursday. There will be a sign up sheet beginning at 11AM in front of the shelter. Please come on down to learn more about me!  3 mths 23 lbs

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