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"ONCE THERE WAS A GIANT" - documentary/fundraiser for MCAS Rescue Dogs

Don't miss the premiere of Once There Was a Giant, a documentary about rescue dogs and the people who love them, written and directed by Rich Bruechner. The premiere is a benefit for the animals at Multnomah County Animal Services, and will be held on October 31, 2018 at Cinema 21 at 7 pm. Q&A with Rich after the showing. Learn more: http://www.oncetherewasagiant.com/

Jax adopted from MCAS Mar/Apr 2015

I remember Jax.  He had this amazing white blaze running from his neck and down across his chest. Jax was so calm, so stoic when taking his photos. I didn't add him to the photoblog at the time, because his photos were so serious; and he was adopted the next day so there was no need to further promote him. It's heartwarming to hear that Jax found a great home where he was appreciated and loved and well cared for.

 It's sad that he didn't live a longer life.

I hope this documentary will motivate more great adopters to choose to adopt County Shelter dogs, and come visit the MCAS dogs for adoption at the shelter or in foster homes.

Also hope this documentary will motivational in  raising money for the MCAS shelter.

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