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"SKYLAR" senior Gent at Family Dogs New Life Shelter

Skylar had an MCAS volunteer fan club before transferring.

If you're looking for an easy going guy check out Skylar at Family Dogs!

Available for adoption at Family Dogs New Life Shelter

Labrador Retriever Pit Bull Terrier Mix

8 years old


61 pounds

Skylar! Skylar! Skylar! That?S what the masses chant when I walk by. Yeah, I am a hero of sorts. I hold the Guinness World Record for the best canine companion. Now don?T you worry?I?M not expecting any sort of award, just the reward of a forever family that I can bestow my companionship upon. I?M a curious, laid-back yet adventurous dude who?S mature but up for anything. I?M even crate trained already and get along great with other dogs. I even love children too, but never learned to share, so I?M looking for a family with kids who are old enough to understand not to try and take my toys away. Now I just need a cat-free family ready for a companion of my caliber. Should be easy for me to find?I mean, holding that record and all?

8 years old-61lbs. My adoption fee is $160 and includes neuter, microchip & registration, 1 month pet health insurance, reduced-cost training class, free vet exam, leash/collar, toy & treat packet, food sample.

"TRANSFERRED" to Family Dogs New Life Shelter!

Sept 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

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