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"Lumber JAXX" smart pitbull - really loves training


July 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink


TIMBERRRRRRRR! My name is Lumber-Jaxx, a fun and energetic Pit Bull mix that is about 5 years old and I weigh 66lbs! Dogs like me love to get out and play but are not always sure what to do with our mouths. Sometimes I mistake people for trees, and I am learning to not use all my Lumber-Jaxx strength to jump up on you. My ideal family will be active, patient and use positive pembinaan methods to help me become a more refined pup. I think working with a trainer would be a fun way for us to bond and learn together. I am eager to learn and can't wait to show you how smart I am! Also, do you have any pancakes?! A Lumber-Jaxx needs to keep his energy up! If there are any children in the home, they need to be 8 years or older, due to some jumpy/mouthy behaviors. I'd love to be part of your family, ask to meet me today! 5 yrs 71 lbs

With consistent training and exercise by the Mcas volunteers, Jaxx is really starting to calm down, listen well and show you what a good dog he is!  Likes to fetch- briefly. Knows sit, down, stay and come. Jaxx is sociable and likes company, smart and loves training,  and is athletic and would love walks (probably running) and hikes. come visit!

Lumber Jaxx credit mcas

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