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"SKITTLES" friendly blue Budgie (parakeet)


July 2016

Skittles, male Budgie


Mcas weblink (7/9 looks like he may now have an adopter)

Skittles is a young, social budgerigar in need of a new flock. As social animals, this colorful budgie needs to be stimulated in order to stay happy and healthy in a home. Humans who can't be around all the time should consider keeping budgerigars in pairs or groups - they are kind of like potato chips, can't just have one! Budgies are members of the parrot family and just like parrots, they are extremely intelligent. In addition to being capable of mimicking human speech, these birds can learn a wide range of tricks. Their intelligence makes them fun to have in the home, and they provide hours of entertainment.  2 yrs

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