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"FRAGGLE" cutie Lhasa mix - feeling Much Better!


Oct 2018

Fraggle, male Lhasa mix, dua yrs 10 lbs

here's myMcas weblink  (10/25 possible adopter?)


My name is Fraggle and I make the best of every situation and I love to play! If you are looking for a fun, playful dog to add some joy to your life and help make you laugh, then look no further. I will bring endless fun and keep you entertained with my goofy antics. If you can keep up with me then I promise that we will have a life full of enjoyment with lots of great stories! I am still learning that the world is not a scary place, so I will need lots of positive interactions to make me become a confident adult. I will also need a family that can provide me with the regular grooming that my breed requires

Fraggle will need routine grooming from his new home.

"Non-sheddersdanquot; become painfully matted when they don't receive regular grooming

Fraggle jumping for joy!

He feels so much better and he can see again.

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