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"ANNABELLE" adorable "Pitopotamas"


Oct 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Annabelle, Pitbull, 9 yrs, 81 lbs (quite overweight)

Mcas weblink


Well hi guys! My name is Annabelle, a 9 year old Pit Bull lady. You might say I am a Pitopotamus, or a hippo, a land seal even. I am a glorious gal that is looking for a chill home to call my own. I am not a high energy pup, I will like going on short strolls throughout the neighborhood, relaxing on your couch watching jeopardy or wheel of fortune, and eating! Did I mention I love to eat?? It might benefit me to lose a few pounds, but I'm still beautiful! I have been pretty fearful in the shelter, so I need my new family to take it slow with me and any kids in the home should be 12 and older. Do you have a space for a sweet lady like me to melt into your couch? Ask to meet me today!

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