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"LUNA" senior Maltese mix


Nov 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Luna, female Maltese mix, 13 yrs, 9 lbs

here's myMcas weblink


Luna here! I am a senior little fluff who loves life and all that it has to offer. I am seeking a truly perfect home that will give me the warm bed and snuggles of a lifetime. I am a bit stiff in my hind end and can't see much of the world around me but I know where you are and will follow you around. I get super excited when I find you and love to sleep right next to you in the bed. I am house trained and love the other little dog in the home. I am a sucker for very soft, fluffy blankets and will make my bed every night in them with gusto. I love lap snuggles or just right next to you snuggles too.

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