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"LUNA" pitbull puppy


Nov 2018

Luna female pitbull puppy, 10 weeks, 10.4 lbs

here's myMcas weblink (11/25 adoption pending spay)


I'm Luna, a 10 week old Pitbull puppy girl searching for a new home to call my own. I'm still just a baby but I'm smart and love to play! I am on my way to becoming house-trained and I LOVE playing with other dogs of all sizes. I would love a home that is going to take me to puppy classes and continue with my socialization so that I become a perfect canine citizen as I age! Think you're the one for me? Come and meet me! THERE WILL BE A SIGN UP SHEET OUTSIDE THE SHELTER AT 9AM ON 11/25/18 FOR ME.

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