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"BLUEBELLE" in Foster Home - lovable white German Shepherd teenager


Nov 2018

Happy Adoption: Galadriel (Bluebell)

"We adopted Galadriel on November 15, 2018. We have a two year old German Shepherd Mix, Kylo Ren, who lives up to his name in tantrums and energy. We adopted Kylo in Texas and decided he needed a somewhat low energy, but playful, companion. We didn't think we would find one so soon. We weren't in any real rush but when we saw Galadriel's picture we just had to see her. The introductions were heart warming. I knew they would get along. Galadriel is the white German Shepherd and had surgery on her hip after being hit by a car. Even with her injuries she loves playing but requires lots of rest time which Kylo is willing to give. I was nervous but seeing them cuddling in each other on the couch makes me realize that that our little family got bigger. She's ours forever and no matter the challenges that lay ahead we are not going to give up on her. She's our forever dog along with Kylo. We have pembinaan to do with her. She's leash aggressive but I believe we can show her that if mimics her older brother Kylo and sits, does not bark, that people and other dogs will love on her as much as she wants to love on them.

Thank you for bringing us all together and completing our small family."

-Perla C.

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Bluebelle is in a foster home

Bluebelle, female german shepherd, 9 mths, 35lbs

Mcas weblink (11/15 possible adopter?)


I'm Bluebell, a loving 9 month old female German Shepherd puppy searching for a new home. I love nothing more than to lean up against you and shower your face with kisses! I am curious about the world around me and love to explore. Together we can have many adventures if you are able to help me get around! You may have noticed that I have some mobility issues in my rear end. I had a surgery to fix one of my hips and I may have a higher risk of arthritis as I get older. For now though, I am all ready to go! I am struggling a bit with strangers when I am on leash and would love a new family that would be willing to work with a trainer who uses positive reinforcement to help me through these. I am currently in a foster home, if you are interested in meeting me, please contact my foster mom at roxannenygard@gmail.com to set up a time! Look forward to meeting you!

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