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"BERNADETTE" Happy Adoption Update!

Happy Adoption: Bernadette  Dec 2018, (adopted MCAS)

"I adopted Bernadette as a 7-year-old pup about 2 months ago. I had been volunteering in the kennels for a while. Every time I came I'd sit outside her kennel and talk to her softly as I threw her treats - until eventually we became friends.  Now she's my shadow, following me wherever I go and running with me in the park and on trails. When we go out, everyone comments on how beautiful she is and she even lets other people pet her now. She loves fetch and tug-a-war, (trying) to play with my rabbit Zumba, and goes out camping with me. I have no doubt she'll be my backpacking companion before too long.

I knew she the had the potential to be a good dog, but I never dreamed how quickly we'd become best friends."

-Kara K.


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