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"HALEY" Foster Home - mellow affectionate mature Pitmix


Nov 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Haley is in a Foster home

Haley, female Pitbull mix, 9 yrs, 63 lbs

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HALEY UPDATE NOV 8 - Haley here! I am the perfect age of 9 years. I am an excellent walking partner and can go as far as you would like but I am also the perfect snuggle bug if its a more rainy day and you are feeling more like a movie. I bond closely with my people and love to follow them from room to room as they go about their days. I am a goofball and love to roll around on my back and get all the back itchies off! I am perfectly house trained and have no issues with begging or being left home alone. I am a quiet girl and do not bark unnecessarily. I do not mind the other dogs around me in this world but I am asking to be your only fur family member please. Some of my favorite things are tennis balls and the sun! I am in a foster home relaxing if you are interested in meeting me, please contact the foster coordinator at 503-988-6670 or email foster@multco.us to set up a time.

"Haley has my heart! She is absolutely amazing! Such a chill dog. She deserves to spend her golden years with a loving family." MCAS Volunteer

"I couldn't agree more. This girl is a sweet old soul with more love to give than can be imagined. If at all possible I would've adopted her long before now." Dharma B

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