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"ARTU" American Shelter Dog (Border Collie plus ?) - Update


Dec 2018

PLEASE take good care of Artu and give him the necessary time to wind down and adjust to a new home!

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

"Artu is an athletic and spry guy. He sure can fly through the air when chasing after a ball! He really enjoys his walks and play time. I could see Artu making a great hiking partner or running buddy."


Artu, young male american shelter dog mix, (Border Collie plus/) dua yr 8 mth, 51 lbs


Mcas weblink

My name is Artu, and I'm looking for a gentle, patient family to call my own.

Sue S, "MCAS Dec Volunteer of the Monthdanquot; with Artu

(Sue is not Artu's adopter)

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