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"JOJO" aka "BANJO" Happy Adoption Update!

Jan 4, 2019

Happy Adoption: JoJo

"I am writing to let you know that JoJo (formerly Banjo) has been thriving in our home. JoJo is a Yorkie mix, 11 years old, and has some medical issues. I am a CVT and we are taking good care of him. He is growing hair back on his little bald back, and we have been brushing his teeth. He is on a glucosamine arthritis supplement. JoJo was adopted on 12/4/18 as an emotional support dog for my special needs daughter. He has fit the bill prefectly from day 1. He snuggles with her, stays with her when she needs comfort, and doesn?T shy away when she is upset.

We are so happy that little JoJo has joined our family. We love him very much!"

-The Readel-Campbell Family

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Banjo, male Yorkie mix, 11 yrs, 15 lbs

here's myMcas weblink


I'm Banjo, the goofy looking Yorkie mix searching for a new place to call my own. I'm a fun little fella who enjoys going for walks - though I have a collapsing trachea and need to be walked on a harness and NOT on a collar. In addition, I have some medical needs that will require consistent veterinary treatment. I can be a bit sensitive of some handling so I would like any children in my new home to be 10 years or older. But don't let those things fool you! I love nothing more than to get some good rear end scratches and spending time with my favorite people. Come and meet me today!


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