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"JIMBO" Volunteer FAV! Let's find him a great home!


Sept 2019

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Jimbo, male American Shelter Dog mix, 4 yrs, 56 lbs

here's my Mcas weblink Adopted!


My name is Jimbo and I make the best of every situation and I love attention! If you are looking for a fun, cuddly dog to add some joy to your life and help make you laugh, then look no further. I will bring endless fun and keep you entertained with my goofy antics. If you can keep up with me then I promise that we will have a life full of enjoyment with lots of great stories! My new family will need to be prepared to take care of my skin condition. Please ask your adoption counselor about my medical needs.


Jimbo is a gentle soul.

 He must have suffered some neglect in his previous home as his skin on his lower back/tail area is bumpy and missing fur(which should grow back given good care)

Jim is still beautiful,with unusual coloring - dark reddish/brown fur on his back and pretty brindling on his face and legs.

But he's the type to get overlooked in favor

of flashier dogs.

I hope somebody gives this sweetheart a great home.

Jimbo got a warm medicated bath after these pics were taken, and he already looks healthier and shiny.

Jimbo saying "hello" when I'm in his neighbor Dharma's kennel

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