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"J.J." Great Dog! dilute brindle Pitmix boy


Aug 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

J.J. male pitmix, 7 yrs 67 lbs  here's my Mcas weblink



J.J. Here! I'm an adorable mixed breed fella looking for a new home. You may have noticed my resolving skin issues - my hair is growing back quickly but I am still healing and will need my new home to be able to help me finish up my healing and hopefully regrow my fur! I'm very playful and love all toys - especially the squeaky ones. I need a home where any kids are 5 years or older. I was sensitive with being touched at first but now I'm loving it and especially the rear end scritches! Come and meet me today and lets start a new life together!


When first coming to the shelter, "J.J'sdanquot; skin was red and irritated,

he had extreme hair loss, he was skinny, his toe nails were horribly curled and overgrown, and as you would expect, he felt terrible.

 Poor baby!

J.J. Is looking so much better today!

Here's JJ  about 5 weeks ago - already looking/feeling much

better than he did at intake. Toes nails trimmed, getting medicated baths, gaining weight.

JJ loves to carry BIG sticks

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