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"FEATHER FLOCKLEAR" and "MERYL STREEP" pretty Budgies (parakeets).


Aug 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Adoption information

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Meryl Cheep and Feather Flocklear are now hanging out together!

Meryl is the boss:)

Feather Flocklear, female Budgie here's my Mcas weblink


Feather Flocklear is an older, chatty budgie who has found herself in our care. She is social but avoids hands while in her cage. She is housed next to (but separate from) two other younger budgies and definitely enjoys their company(UPDATE- Feather is now housed with "Meryl") Ms Flocklear would do well with existing budgies in her new home.


Meryl Cheep, female Budgie

here's my Mcas weblink

Meryl Cheep is a stunning, adult Budgie who avoids hands in her cage but should be easily hand tamed and become a loyal, loving little friend to a patient owner. Budgies are social birds and won't do well in a life of isolation. If introduced properly, Meryl Cheep should become fast friends with your existing birds!



Christopher Squawken, male Budgie

here's my Mcas weblink ADOPTED!


Christopher Squawken is a young, adult male budgie in search of a new flock. This handsome bird is quite social & chatty but avoids hands that are in his cage. He has been housed next to but separate from another budgie and enjoys her company. Mr Squawken should integrate nicely with any existing budgies in his new home.

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