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"BIG BOY" aka "BIGGIE" Happy Adoption UPDATE!


Sept 2019

Sept 10, 2019 - BAPBR Facebook post:

"We have some exciting news to start your Monday out right... our medical foster, who came to BAPBR via our friends at Multnomah County Animal Services -- named Big Boy aka Biggie, who stole all our hearts, is all healed up and ADOPTED!!! We couldn’t be happier for Biggie and his new amazing family "💕🎉😍"

Biggie's first visit to the beach!


Available for Adoption at Born Again Pitbull Rescue! "Meet our newest adoptable — Big Boy aka Biggie. 😍 He is 77 lbs and 9 years young. He came into Multnomah County Animal Control as a stray and needed medical treatment then was transferred to BAPBR. Biggie is very mellow. He’s great at the coffee shop or local pub. He can be left at home loose and doesn’t destroy anything. He is housebroken. He could possible live with a mellow female dog companion and we think cats are possibly ok too. He loves going on his daily walks around the neighborhood. He walks nicely on leash. He’s a Velcro dog - wants to be with you all the time! He rides good in the car. He loves to sleep on the couch and in bed with you at night. ➡️ DM us for an adoption application!"  BAPBR


Looking great, "Big Boy"! When Big Boy came into the Mcas shelter, half of his back was bare of fur, he was very overweight, could hardly walk, and his eyes were painful and crusty. Because of great care at the Mcas shelter/ foster and BAPBR foster - he now looks amazing!!!

Big Boy is hoping for a great new Home!

Photos courtesy BAPBR


Big Boy was"TRANSFERREDdanquot;

to Born Again Pit Bull Rescue!

June/July 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Big Boy, male Pitbull, 148724

The below pic is Big Boy's Mcas shelter intake photo - many months ago...

He was a mess.

This photo was taken in Big Boy's Mcas Shelter kennel after several weeks(?) in the shelter.

Big Boy's eyes were already feeling  much better than on intake - following the eye entropian surgery which MCAS provided.

If you look closely, you can also see here that Big Boy's back hair is non-existent in places.

Big Boy was on his way to feeling better,

but he still had a long way to go.

Such a sad boy he was....

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