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"PUPPIES" ..."Monty...Sandy...Tip...Bobby


Jan 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

I am a 10 week old puppy. Don't know what breed I am, it's a surprise. My brothers & I have been in foster care since we were 3 weeks old. We are healthy, happy, affectionate, & full of puppy energy! We love playing & enjoy other cats, dogs, & children but please remember we are small fragile little beings so we need patient, respectful, adopters that have time to spend with us. We also are use to having each other around so having another dog to play with & keep us company is really important. We are doing well with our continual potty training - pads in the house & regular breaks outside. We are crate trained & love having a place we can go to if tired, scared, or just need a quite break. If you are willing to patiently continue our positive reinforcement training & shower us with lots & lots of love then come to the shelter & meet us! If you would like to see videos of us please visit our foster family's Instagram:


Or email my foster family with questions:


We will be at the shelter Sunday 01/13/19.

A Sign up sheet will be outside the shelter doors at 10:00am. Interviews will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Bobby, 170828

ADOPTED! Jan 2019

Monty, 170824

ADOPTED! Jan 2019

Sandy, 170826

ADOPTED! Jan 2019

Tip, 170827

ADOPTED! Jan 2019


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