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"MOOSE" aka "ASPEN GRACE" Happy Adoption UPDATE!!!

"Wonderful addition to our lives. Awesome adventure dog. She is super smart with a great personality. Many thanks to the shelter for saving this wonder dog. We were informed of some of her "issues", we worked through them. It's been a year since we brought her home and she continues to thrive, learn, teach...most of all bring a lot of joy to our lives. We definitely recommend this shelter, great people, great dogs!" Matt O.

"Aspen Grace" LOVED playing in the Pool in the Mcas play-yard! Looks like she continues her water adventures in her new home :)


July 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

I am Aspen Grace, a fun loving and energetic German Shepherd. Dogs like me love to get out and play but are not always sure what to do with our mouths. I can tend to get so excited I jump for the first thing I see, and the game is on! My ideal family will be active, patient and use positive training methods to help me become a more refined pup. I think working with a trainer would be a fun way for us to bond and learn together. I am eager to learn and can't wait to show you how smart I am! I will need to be the only animal in your home and if you have kids, they will need to be over the age of 8 years. Please come and meet me today!  1 yr 4 mths, 60lbs

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