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"SWEET POTATO" pretty mix needs TLC


Dec 2019

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Sweet Potato, female american shelter dog mix (something about Sweet Potato is reminiscent of a sporting dog/husky mix) Be fun to do a DNA test on her!

5 yrs 57 lbs

here's my Mcas weblink Adopted


Meet Sweet Potato, this shy lady is looking for a calm and quiet home with a family who will be patient and understanding as she learns to trust and love them. If you look beyond the obvious you can see her gentle endearing eyes and sweet nature. She has been uncomfortable in her own skin for quite sometime, now that she is getting the care she needs she is learning confidence and to trust people again. Sweet Potato's new family must have kids over the age of 12.


Sweet Potato will pull at your heartstrings! She has suffered  neglect in her life, evidenced by her skin condition (which has already improved in the shelter), but she will blossom in a loving home who provides some TLC! Not only does she have a beautiful face and a sensitive nature, but as she gains more confidence and trust, her silliness and affectionate nature is starting to show more. Sweet Potato has become a favorite at the shelter!

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