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Sept 27, 2019 Happy Adoption: Maharelle Sisters

"I adopted the three rat sisters last month. I just wanted to let everyone know that they are all doing great. It's been so much fun to see their personalities blossom as they've gained confidence. They love exploring and solving food puzzles and riding around on my shoulder. They're already learning to come when I shake the treat jar. Thank you all for taking care of them until I could adopt them into my family." Holly O.


Aug 2019

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Meet the Maharelle Sisters! Janice, Holly & Nora are 3 young rats in need of a new home. These furry rodents - who often get a bad rep because of their large teeth and long, hairless tails - are quite social and love to spend time with their owners and other familiar rats. Rats are happier and less likely to become bored when they have regular interactions with their human caretakers or with other rat-mates. You should plan to spend some time each day with your pets so they are well-socialized and mentally stimulated - they are quick learners, so training is a fun way to bond with them.




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