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"NELLIE" (aka "ELLIE" ) little sweetheart Pitmix HAPPY Adoption UPDATE!

Oct 2019

Happy Adoption: Ellie (Nellie)

"We renamed Nellie to Ellie and she fits in so perfectly with our family. She loves her little girl, Lilly ( my 10 mo. old daughter) and they play together with her dog toys. She is an amazing pet and family member. So happy to have adopted her!! Thank you to all of the staff, she is a delight, especially to me."   Caitlin S.

"Nellie (now Ellie) kissing Lilly"



Sept 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Nellie, female pitmix, 2 yrs 47 lbs

here's my Mcas weblink   Adopted!


I make the best of every situation and I love to play with tennis balls! If you are looking for a fun, playful dog to add some joy to your life and help make you laugh, then look no further. I walk nicely on leash and might make a good running buddy. I will bring endless fun and keep you entertained with my goofy antics and squishy skin. I promise that we will have a life full of enjoyment with lots of great stories!

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