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"FRASIER" Pygmy White Shark Guinea Pig


Dec 2019

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

"Meet Frasier, the ferocious Pygmy White Shark (Carcharodon mollis pygmaea), who has been waiting patiently for a new home. This particular shark loves being handled, eating Mandarin Oranges, and- strangely- has an aversion to water. His adoption fee is only $10 - less than the promotional $13 adoption fee today for all pets seven months and older during our Countdown to 2020 Adoption Special."  Mcas facebook https://multcopets.Org/adoptable/frasier-mcas


Frasier, male guinea pig,

Mcas weblink adopted!


Greetings and salutations! I'm Frasier, a social adult Guinea Pig who came to the shelter after being abandoned with my sibling, Niles. Niles got adopted so now it's my turn! I've been around humans and know that crinkly sounds means fresh greens. I both allow handling, am content being held, calm when held for nail trim time & enjoy mandarins immensely! I would love to be part of another cavy herd, but it's better if we are housed separately when you are not around - at until I settle in. $10 adoption fee, cage not included

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