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"ROGER" petite Pitbull/choc lab mix - In Foster


Dec 2019

Adoption information

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Roger, male Pitmix, 1 yr 9 mths, 36 lbs

here's my Mcas weblink ADOPTED!


Hi I'm Roger! I am a petite young lab-pit mix. Since I am a young guy I have plenty of energy for walks and play! I am a smart cookie too; I have learned a lot in foster care using reward-based pelatihan methods. Not to toot my own horn but: I am potty trained, know most of my basic obedience, can be left alone for 6-7 hours (with toys to keep me busy of course!) ride in a crate in the car, know a couple of tricks like "touchdanquot; and "roll-over", I am learning to walk nicely on-leash, I love games, toys and playing, and love to spend time with adults. I am still young and learning some manners like not to jump on people when excited but I am well on my way!

I do showtimes show fear of new environments, dogs and some people when on leash. My foster home has worked with me a lot to feel more comfortable in those situations and I have learned awesome skills for when I see distractions that scare or excite me. I will need a little patience from my new family as we continue to build my confidence together. I am looking for a home with adults only.

If you are ready to meet this handsome guy, please email his foster mom at renod120105@gmail.com

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