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"RUBY" Happy Adoption UPDATE!

Happy Adoption: Ruby

Dec 2019

"Ruby is my first pit bull and I couldn't be happier. Her kind and playful nature has brought so much happiness to our lives. She spends her days napping on the couch and chasing her favorite tennis ball. We love her so much. Thank you Multnomah County Animal Shelter!!"  Erin U



Sept 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Ruby, female Pitmix,

I'm Ruby, a loving Pitbull mix lady searching for a new home! I'm a bit fearful at first in new situations but I'm working on being braver and would love a patient home that can help. I am truly a cuddlebug who only wants to crawl into your lap and smother you in kisses. Come and meet me today!

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