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"ANGEL" and "ARTHUR" Large mellow Bully mixes- BONDED PAIR


Dec 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Angel and Arthur

"These 2 are the sweetest cuddly pair! I sat with them in their kennel a few times and they just wanted to be next to me. Arthur is 104 pounds and a lap dog! Angel just lays on her back wanting belly rubs! Whoever adopts these dua hits the jackpot!"

 Mcas Volunteer

Introducing Arthur and Angel! We are a loving bonded pair who are always prepared for a marathon - as long as it is a movie marathon. While Arthur is more active and playful than Angel there is nothing we love more than a cozy, warm bed and some good company. We can discuss our favorite foods while you give me pets, belly rubs and attention. I promise to provide you with lots of laid-back love and friendship if you save me a spot on the couch - or at least a super cozy bed on the floor next to you! The only thing better than one new family member is two. Angel does have some mobility issues that an adoption counselor can go over with you about more in depth. It would be best for her to be in a house without a lot of stairs! Come meet us today

Angel, female bully mix, 9 yrs 75 lbs

here's my Mcas weblink


Arthur, male bully mix,  yrs 104 lbs

here's my Mcas weblink


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