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"ZIGZAG" aka "THEON" cutie shortie mix


Apr 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Theon, male mystery mix, 1 yr 40 lbs

here's myMcas weblink  Adopted!


My name is Theon! I came into the shelter as a stray and am now looking for a new home, I am a sweet and fun young guy that would make a great family dog as long as the kids are lima years or older! I do jump up sometimes, and need some work on my manners, but I will shower you with kisses in the meantime! I am active, LOVE to play ball. I do know the commands "sit" and "drop it" but would LOVE to learn more. Ask to meet me today!

Great little dog! His head isn't as big as it looks here.

Theon is much cuter in person!

(I wonder if he was "Ms Biscuit's" brother?)

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