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"FINN" (aka "Pip") "HAPPY ADOPTION UPDATE 1 yr later!

Finn -  HAPPY ADOPTION UPDATE! 1 yr Later!

"Finn initially “Pip” joined our family one year ago. I’ve always liked having two dogs (and an occasional 3rd foster) and when we lost our beloved Ruby Ru we knew it was just a matter of time before we welcomed a new family member. Everyone mourns the loss of a pet differently. I’m well aware there will never be a replacement but I’m also well aware of how many homeless pets need great homes. I had an image of what my next dog would be and would patiently wait until we met. I pictured an athletic, mild mannered, confident, dog/cat friendly 50ish pound mixed breed with a low maintenance coat.Then I saw “Pip” on the Shelter Dogs of Portland page. I was immediately drawn to him for reasons I frankly don’t understand. Pip was listed as a Whippet mix. I know breeds and I know nothing about this proposed mix fit my next dog image but the draw was real. My husband was on board with meeting but I doubt he thought I’d continue my interest after meeting. We arrived at the shelter shortly before open and waited in the line. I was chatting with the woman in line in front and they too had come to see Pip. I’m a big believer in if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be so we waited. We went into the kennels and I watched a young volunteer trying to leash a very shy dog to show the family in line before us. I lurked, watch their interaction and was disappointed this was not the confident, outgoing dog I was seeking but the draw was still there. The other family moved forward with the interview and my husband and I opted to take our dog for a hike. I left a bit disappointed, husband a bit relieved.  An hour later I get a call that the family opted out of adopting so we rushed back, interviewed and did a meet and greet with Jasper.

This was not the dog of my dreams, he was scrawny, dog reactive, fearful but did have a low maintenance coat. Having a fair bit of experience working with under socialized dogs I knew some never fully recover.

We signed up for basic obedience classes and knew Jasper would be a great big brother, confidence builder,leader. We later dropped out of said group because he was simply overwhelmed and reactive to every dog, sound, person and even painting on the wall. Oh my, what have I signed up for! We?Re very active with our dogs and to fit into the family they need to be able to go and do everything with us.

Fast forward to today and one would never know of Finn’s rough start. He’s a pretty well adapted little man that knows car rides lead to fun. This scrawny dog has turned into quite the athlete and easily took Top Dog at a recent 10k. He loves going to races and meeting all the people and dogs and has recently decided children are pretty cool too. It’s been a year of catching up and I’m thankful he’s turned into an athletic, mild mannered, confident, dog/cat friendly 20ish pound mixed breed with a low maintenance coat."  Angela L


"Pipdanquot; Mcas

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