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"YARA" Mastiff Lovers update!!


Apr 2019

"Yara is amazing! So smart! I love her with all my heart! I will volunteer just to see her. She is a volunteer favorite"

Mcas Volunteer

"Although Yara has a grey muzzle and can appear pretty mellow, don't let her fool you! She loves to romp around outside and go for long walks. She is calm indoors, but still has plenty of energy to play whenever you'd like. Yara is also the biggest cuddle bug / wiggle butt and her wagging little nub will melt your heart!" Kelly

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Yara, female English Mastiff, Cane corso  mix 4 yrs 8 mths, 89lbs

89 lbs


Mcas weblink  ADOPTED!

Shy, single, 4 year old Mastiff mix searching for a patient, adult only, low traffic home with no other animals that and will work with me constantly on creating positive experiences and that uses positive reinforcement training methods with me. Okay now that all the particulars are out of the way, hello, I am Yara. A modeling agency once asked me for my headshots. I've dabbled in hiking, chasing tennis balls, and tug-o-war. To me, snuggling and belly rubs are an art, and I only date skilled artist. I have won an achievement award, twice, but who is counting? I AM IN A DIFFERENT AREA OF THE SHELTER ASK TO MEET ME TODAY!

Yara is incredibly soft and has lovely loose fur, a joy to pet.

She likes to give her friends her paw to say hi - with her

very large feet!

thank you ResQ animal Massage for this sweet Yara pic! Love it!

Photo credit Molly ( Mcas volunteer)

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