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Mar 22, 2019   Happy Adoption Update for Endora  Endora was looking for the right match for almost a year.  She was an entertaining "office mascot"

and is sure to be a fascinating pet in her new home!


Her first week went great, this week is even better! Both her and Freya the kitten are comfy with the entire house & each other as of this week, and Endora really loves her newly adopted humans :)  Everyone is using litter boxes!) She wants to play or sit with us 24/7, puts toys in my boots, and cries when hubby showers. She officially owns the top of our armoire with a cloud soft bed via access of her totally awesome cat tree. After some negotiating, she now lets me carry her around for a few minutes so long as I give her a tour of wherever she looks, kitty micro-expressions are priceless! She's tolerant of our 16 year terrier, but clearly would like to set some clear boundaries if she can ever get his attention, doggie dementia finally has a benefit! She'll never get his attention. She's even cleaned Freya's head once or twice, and has jumped up on my lap a few times (on her terms of course)."

Getting some pics & videos together to send soon....


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