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"PERCIVAL" funny little pitbull


Mar 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Percival, male pitmix,  2 yrs 60 lbs

here's myMcas weblink Adopted!


Looking for a knight in shining armor? I'm Percival, a handsome male pitbull mix looking for the perfect new home. I'm the sweetest fella you ever did meet and I want nothing more than your love and affection. When I'm excited or anxious I can be a bit vocal and you'll hear all about my feelings! And when I'm excited I just want to be as close to you as possible and will jump up to be near you. Because of this, I may do better if any small children in your house are able to handle my rowdy ways!

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