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"MS BISCUIT" absolutely delightful short tan American Shelter Mix


Mar 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

BISCUIT, female american shelter dog mix,1 yr 28 lbs

here's my Mcas weblink Adopted!

Hi, I'm Ms Biscuit an active and playful dog. To an exuberant dog like me everything is a game, sometimes I just get so excited I will jump up or tuck my tail and zoom around for the sheer joy of it all. I am up for learning to be part of my new family. I am looking for a family who does not take life too seriously that will be patient, positive and lift me to my potential of being a perfect pup! I am around 1 year old and weigh about 28lbs. If there are kids in my new home, they should be at least 8 years old due to some handling sensitivity.

Love this Dog! Biscuit was quite submissive when it came to the camera, but then she just wanted to be in my lap and give kisses.

She is such a cutie!!

Biscuit is acting submissive because of the camera

( squinty eyes, little smile)

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