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"HIGGINS" Bashful guinea pig


Mar 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Higgins, male Guinea Pig, 1 yr 2.5 lbs

here's myMcas weblink  Adopted!


Higgins is knowledgeable about sculptures, foods, classic paintings, literature, practices acupuncture & hypnotism. He is a marvelous snooker player and master of botany, history, mathematics and chess. Furthermore, he is adept at espionage activities with the MI6 - he truly is quite a marvel to behold in action given his enormously broad skill sets! Okay-okay, he isn't hanging out and fighting crime with Magnum PI at Robin's Nest in Hawaii but he is a handsome, young male guinea pig who's ready for a new home! At his arrival, Higgins was squirmy & anxious when being held but is now comfortable enough that his nail trims are a breeze! He loves his fresh greens and because cavies are social creatures, we think that with proper introductions, Higgins would like to have other guinea pigs around! Adoption fee does not include cage. PIP PIP CHEERIO!!

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