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White-throated Bulbul

White-throated Bulbul

Bulbul held within the circle of relatives (Pycnonotidae)

Birds resident reputation in Thailand

Description: The head has a crest duration of the neck. Full head and neck, mouth and cheeks whitish gray. The decrease torso yellow than different types of birds every jar. Fuselage above the wing brown rump and tail brownish crimson.

Vocals: raucous "Shi - Chad A. - Toshiba - Chad" and "Dungeness - The Dungeness knife".

Habitat in northern and western regions: the high rainforest plateau 1525 meters located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, East Coast. Park Kun Phawo Mae Moei district. Tak Tak and joints Wild West - Kamphaeng Phet.

Comments: Thailand 1 subtype is Afburmanicus (international has two subspecies).

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