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Slaty-legged Crake

Slaty-legged Crake

A chook in the circle of relatives Crake Rallidae.

Status in a migratory fowl Or some may be endemic birds. (Guide to Birds of Thailand)

Aaychanpea hen legs, toes, features a black and white horizontal stripes on the stomach. The head and thorax are orange, red neck, white, brown iris identification from chicken legs Aaychanpea Red (Red-legged Crake) a close relative of a mystery than the shade of the legs. Ring round the eye crimson and white stripes at the wings struck. These traits not found in birds Aaychanpea legs, feet, vocals: Pek - Pek "Drone 2 times in step with 2d, the staple food of the fowl's legs, ft Aaychanpea small animals and culmination at the forest ground. Usually now not a ways from water assets in lots of forests. Found inside the forests of the plains to an altitude of one,830 above sea degree. East Asia and India to Indonesia. Some of the migratory birds This species has been reported to be determined in Bangkok once ten years in the past at Lumpini Park. Despite suggested sightings all over the usa. Especially within the west and south. The situation in Thailand remains vague. There is a possibility that it could nest eggs in Thailand.

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