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Silver pheasant

Silver pheasant

A bird in phasianidae. (Phasianidae)

Status of birds endemic to Thailand

Found in the wild in Indochina. And eastern and southern China. Was introduced into Hawaii and in some parts of the United States. The male has a black and white Females are brown Both sexes have red leather face mask. The legs are red (a type of pheasant break the back foot with a pin gray).


Silver pheasant A medium-sized bird - a length from mouth to tail tip about 50-125 cm in two subspecies found the silver pheasant. And silver pheasant Warburton Monday The male has a blue feather crest on the head of a long neck. Face red leather Hair upper body and mostly white wings shining like silver. There is a thin black stripes, the V (V) on female hair haired blue crest on its head. But there is little enough notice only. Hair is mostly dark brown Red Race has no pivot.


In China, Myanmar, Thailand and Indochina in Thailand, in the west north north-east. And the East


Living as a couple, not gregarious like a fowl. Tricky morning and dusk At night to catch perch and sleep on twigs or branches, bamboo, began breeding at the age of three years, lay 4-6 eggs incubation period is 23-24 days by a single brood mares. Newborn chicks covered with soft hair all over the body. When hair is dry, went by the mother to feed it food, including grass, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, insects, worms, ant eggs.

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