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Silver-eared Mesia

Silver-eared Mesia

Bird Wong, vice white gold rings Sylvidae.

Status of birds endemic to Thailand

Distribution: From the Himalayas to China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Sumatra.

Its first international Nepal has 8 sub-species changed into determined two subtypes.

General Description: The birds are small, 18 cm black head hair across the ears are massive, brownish-white silver yellow beak.

Orange throat and top chest. Gray top body A red band around the base of the wing feathers are yellow. The male has a purple tail feathers.

Female fur coat tail orange to yellow.

Housing problematic: he determined the evergreen wooded area and scrubland in top as much as 1500 meters during the breeding season is typically discovered in pairs.

The different herd is observed May amount to 30 or greater. Housing and living below timber

Most ingredients: consume insect larvae and a few fruits. The mouth and ate the tree leaves.

Breeding season: in the summer season to rainy season. During the April-June The nest includes a cup-formed leaves, bamboo leaves and grass.

Nest under a bush desolate tract. About 1 to two meters above the floor at approximately 3- four eggs, egg white into it.

STATUS: a not unusual resident bird.

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