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Rufous-necked hornbill

Male Rufous-necked hornbill

feMale Rufous-necked hornbill

Rufous-necked hornbill

Hornbill species that can be observed in Thailand.

With a body period of 116 cm, the 2 sexes are distinctive. Male header Neck and higher chest laterite. Auburn decrease chest As the source of the call Lower lower back and wings are black glassy green. At the give up of the white feather wings. Black tail and white iris spherical purple leather, blue-eyed vibrant green. Bags under the collar purple-orange. The beak is pale yellowish white serrated side up obliquely wide variety eight is smaller than the hen. The hair at the frame is black at some stage in.

Rufous-necked hornbill hornbill species has been named because the maximum beautiful one. It is a exceptional color from the other birds that have just colors: white and black.

While male birds feed chicks and chook hollow space.

Rufous-necked hornbill chicken species which might be found most effective rain forests at altitudes 800-2000 m above sea stage. Found from Nepal, China to the north, Myanmar, northern Laos and northerly Vietnam. In Thailand observed in the wooded area west as Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, National Park Thung Yai Naresuan - Huai Kha. And Mae Wong National Park [2] a tricky behavior fruit on the cover of the forest. Sometimes jumping accumulate fruit to fall at the ground. Sound like the barking of puppies. In Thailand nest egg from January until May. Hornbill nests in hole logs on about 10-30 meters excessive from the floor to shut the cavity from in the chook manure. Food scraps, fruit and chicken vomit combined dust birds leaders. Egg white bubbles in step with 2nd incubation duration is about 30 days outdoor the breeding season, the rufous-necked hornbill are together in pairs or small flocks four-five.

Rufous-necked hornbill hornbill is one this is beneath danger of extinction. Because forests are extremely wealthy in habitats and species in a flora and fauna shelter, in addition to different species of hornbills.

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