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Red-headed Trogon

Male Red-headed Trogon

Female Red-headed Trogon

Red-headed Trogon

A chook inside the trogon circle of relatives Trogonnidae.

Remember migratory birds fame

Brant: the mouth and eyelids blue greenish blue head, chest and stomach crimson-brown with a white stripe curving flower power. Yesteryear white and black girl head of brown sugar and black stripes.

Cries: "Chat Box - Box Chat - Chat Box" four-five times spaced than other sorts.

Habitat in the northern Lower: evergreen, attaining a top of 2000 meters, is observed close to Nam Nao National Park Village. Phetchabun Khao Luang National Park, University Village. Sukhothai National Park, Sukhothai, Thailand. Sukhothai Sanctuary Wildlife creek Kha district. Uthai Thani Mae Wong National Park. E. Kamphaeng Phet and King Taksin National Park Village. Tak.

Subtype: H.E.Erythrocephalas Meet the Upper North West and west right down to the southern subspecies Heannamensis. Meet the Northeast And Northern Region

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